Langley Blink & Brow Co. 2 Day Intensive Lash Extension Certification

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 2 Day Intensive Blink & Brow Co. Classic Training

      When seeking out an establishment to learn the art of lash extensions it is important to know the level of experience your instructors have. We have been in the business of exclusively doing lashes for 11 years and counting. We operate a very successful 16-employee company with 2 locations and are fully insured. Our course is robust in that we will fully equip the student to be safe, qualified,  independent, and confident in this competitive market.


Day 1 - (Theory and knowledge)

  • Safety, Sensitivities & Sanitation
  • Health Canada guideline
  • How to get insured/permits
  • Technique : Application & Isolation
  • Eyelash extension differentiation
  • Eyelash biology 101-How to ensure retention
  • "When to fill when to full"
  • How to prevent disease/infection
  • Mapping 
  • Product knowledge
  • Procedure overview


Day 2 (Practical)

  • fill practice
  • lash removal
  • lash emergency
  • isolation mastery
  • application mastery
  • how to apply individual extensions (Practical) (2sets on 2 models)



  • All top of the line lashes......(we use
  • A curved tweezer
  • A straight tweezer
  • Collagen gel eye patches (15 sets)
  • Pro glue
  • 6 trays of lashes (PRO, PREMIUM QUALITY, LASHES)
  • mascara wands
  • Medical tape
  • Blink & Brow Co. Certificate & Training Manual


Total Cost is $1075.00 Plus Tax.

   The cost is $1075.00

   Plus Tax is 1133.75

   Minus Deposit of $200.00 

   Remaining Balance 1033.75

 Please call Dawn if you have any questions: 778-823-5274

Your options include:

Deposit - A mandatory 200.00 Deposit (this is required to secure your spot), this deposit is deducted from the total cost. The remainder of the payment (933.75) is made on the first day of class. via, credit, cash, or e-transfer.

Financing - If you want to apply for financing, choose the date and way you want to pay and then add to the cart. Once you get to check out, you will have the option to pre-qualify for financing.

Pay in Full -  This is the deposit plus the remainder. This is also an option if you wish to pay upfront instead of on the first day of class! 

Class starts at :

ADDRESS IS 4115-208 Street, Langley BC


10am  the first day and finishes around 4pm

10am the second day and finishes at 3:30pm

***All Students are solely responsible to have  2 models for the second day. One to arrive at 10:30am and the next at 1pm, it is also recommended to have a back - up model in case one doesn't show*** If you are arriving from out of town, please email us at to inform us so we may be able to assist with models. 

Please ensure your models DO NOT have latex allergies

Please ensure that you can see well and have no serious back issues. We suggest having someone lie down in front of you on their back with their feet away from you and their head under you so that you can determine if you can see their lashes well enough. We do not issue refunds at any time if you decide during class that for any reason that you do not want to go further.

If for any reason you cannot make it to class, we absolutely cannot refund the deposit. So, please make sure you have the time and transportation to get to class. Thank you



Please bring a mask to class as well as your lunch and beverages.