Blink & Brow Co. 3 Day Intensive Classic & Volume Lash Extension Training

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3 Day Blink & Brow Co. Intensive Classic & Volume Certification Course

When seeking out an establishment to learn the art of lash extensions it is important to know the level of experience your instructors have. We have been in the business of exclusively doing lashes for almost 11 years and counting. We operate a very successful 14-employee company with 2 locations and are fully insured. Our course is robust in that we will fully equip the student to be independent and confident in this highly competitive market. 

Day 1- (Theory and knowledge)

  • Safety, Sensitivities & Sanitation
  • Health Canada guidelines & Expectations
  • How to get insured/permits
  • Technique: Application & Isolation
  • Eyelash extension differentiation
  • Eyelash biology 101
  • How to ensure retention
  • "When to fill when to full"
  • How to prevent disease/infection
  • Mapping 
  • Product knowledge & How to Purchase on the open market
  • Procedure overview and Training

Day 2 (Practical)

  • fill practice
  • lash removal
  • lash emergency
  • isolation mastery
  • application mastery
  • how to apply individual extensions (Practical) (2 sets on 2 models)

Day 3- (Volume)

  • ​The basics in fanning 
  • Fan theory
  • 3D-7D fanning
  • Russian Volume
  • Mega Volume 
  • How to gauge weight & length for optimal placement
  • Different techniques & methods on how to fan
  • The difference between Russian and Mega volume
  • Sizing and when to use what type of lash
  • Mapping
  • Blink & Brow fast fan technique 

 Class starts at :

10am  the first day and finishes around 4pm

10am the second day and finishes at 3:30pm

9am the third day and finishes at 4 pm

LOCATION 4115 - 208 Street, Langley BC

***Please have 2 models for the second day. One to arrive at at 10:30am and the next at 1pm, and On the 3rd day you will need a model for 10:30 am*

Please ensure your models DO NOT have latex allergies


 This class has a classic and volume kit included! You will learn Everything you need to do classic & volume lashing safely and the right way! We teach how to ensure that you are able to lash with no clumping, or chunking while keeping all-natural lashes perfectly isolated. A lot goes into having a successful and happy business. We have 400-800 customers coming through our establishments every month. There is a lot of experience and knowledge that comes with the privilege of being busy. We have rooted, stable tried, and tested systems that allow us to repeat the same success day after day. We are excited to share this with you! Our training is ongoing, if needed, at no charge. If you feel you would like more practice or guidance, we offer this for free at one of our local training facilities or satellite.

**BONUS** after taking this class you will be qualified for 15% Off of all  Le Coeur Products for life!


  • All top-of-the-line lashes......(we use
  • 2 curved tweezers by Steady
  • 1 straight tweezer by Steady
  • 20 Sets of Collagen gel eye patches by Le Coeur
  • 2 Pro glues by Le Coeur:
    • 1 Medium Level ( Everlasting Love) & 1 Pro Level (Together Forever)
  • 10 trays of lashes (PRO, PREMIUM QUALITY, LASHES)
    • 1 Noir Volume Tray
    • 3 Fluffy Fans Trays
    • 1 Mixed Tray (Silk or Faux Mink) 
    • 2 Mixed Trays (Uber Thin)
    • 3 Trays in Standard sizing of Faux Mink Or Silk
  • 50 mascara wands
  • 5 Disposable Sheets
  • 2 Lip Masks
  • 1 Veda Spa Lash Extension Foaming Cleanser
  • Medical tape
  • 2 Blink & Brow Co. Certificates & Training Manuals

 Your payment options include:

Deposit - A mandatory non refundable $400.00 Deposit (this is required to secure your spot), this deposit is deducted from the total cost. The remainder of the payment (1589.75) is made on the first day of class. via, credit, cash or e-transfer.

Financing - If you want to apply for financing, Please click here  and it will take you to the checkout page. There you will see a link under "Add to Cart" that says 

Pay in Full -  This is the deposit plus the remainder. This is also an option if you wish to pay upfront instead of on the first day of class! 

The Training will be held at Prince George's Conference and Civic Centre. 

The Start times are:

  • Day 1    9am  - 4pm
  • Day 2    10am - 3:30pm
  • Day 3     9am  - 4pm



On the second day you will need 2, one to arrive at 10:30am and the other at 1pm. On the third day you will need 1 model to arrive at 10:30am 

NOTE* Most lash extension technicians use a massage table and in some cases an aesthetics bed. We also have massage beds at a discount rate of $111.00. You will need one for your business and for class. If you wish to purchase one from us (Brand New, shipped to your door) please contact

Other places that sell beds include:




Please bring a pen, beverages and a lunch. :)

Manuals provided


If for any reason you cannot make it to class, we absolutely cannot refund the deposit. So, please make sure you have the time and transportation to get to class. Thank you